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The Benefits of Stone Veneer for Your Home

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Masonry is the age-old practice of building structures by using mortar to lay and hold materials in place. Stone is the most common material used in masonry. Masonry stone can be used to build and accent foundations, floors, columns, retaining walls, feature walls, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, chimneys, facades, and more. The beauty, versatility, and durability of stone are nearly unmatched by any other building material used in the building industry today.

If you are considering using stone veneer for a home you are building or renovating, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

Why Stone?

Stone is the preferred choice in masonry work as it is one of the most durable and weather-resistant building materials that you can find. The oldest, most resilient, and most beautiful structures in the world are constructed of stone, including the Greek Parthenon, the Great Pyramids, and Casa Mila. It is also one of the most abundant resources that we have that can be used for building the residential, commercial, and institutional spaces that we live our lives in. Stone can be shaped and manipulated to become whatever you envision it to be. Stone has enormous and varied aesthetic appeal; the ability to give grand, stately impressions or create warm, rustic intimate spaces is an inherent benefit to using stone. Stone can complement any other material, ensuring that your design options are endless.

Natural stone versus manufactured masonry stone

Masonry stone can be made from natural veneers or manufactured veneers. In the case of natural stone veneer, rock is quarried from the earth, sliced into thin layers, and then finished accordingly to whatever look is desired. On the other hand, manufactured stone veneer, as the name suggests, is man-made. Typically, manufactured stone veneer is made using concrete and aggregate materials. They are designed to look like natural stone, taking on similar colours and textures, and from afar, it can be difficult to tell the difference between the two.

Although manufactured stone veneer is made to look like natural stone, and there are varying colours and profiles to choose from, upon closer inspection, manufactured stone veneer cannot truly mimic natural stone veneer. You might even find that two pieces may be near-identical to one another, and that never happens with a natural stone veneer. Natural stone will have pronounced variations that make them unique. While manufactured stone veneer will still give a beautiful finished product, the rich natural colour depth, the texture, and feel of the natural stone give it an unmatched appeal.

Both natural stone veneer and manufactured stone veneer will last long-term. However, the natural stone veneer will ultimately stand the test of time better than any manufactured product. Manufactured stone veneer can be more porous than natural stone veneer, giving it a more limited lifespan than a natural stone veneer.

Natural and manufactured stone veneer products are both versatile, but there can be limitations on where they may be installed. For instance, if you want to do stonework around a pool, consider natural stone products over the manufactured stone as chlorine may discolour manufactured stone veneer products or affect their structural integrity over time. Natural stone also tends to be better suited for building exteriors as they are hardier against the elements. That said, natural stone is often heavier and denser than its manufactured stone veneer counterparts. Manufactured stone veneer tends to be lighter than natural stone and can be used on many types of surfaces that do not need to be structural.

As the technology for making manufactured stone veneer has improved, the cost of the product has increased while natural stone costs have fallen somewhat in recent years. There is no longer a large gap between the costs of natural stone veneer and manufactured products, though manufactured stone veneer tends to have the cost advantage more often than not. In terms of maintenance, however, natural stone tends to cost less, being a hardier product that can easily withstand a power washer better than manufactured stone.

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